Beauty Can Be a Killer

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A study shows that most girls wear make-up to cover blemishes. Others just wear it for the sake of wearing it and end up using it more than is advisable.

Many people think that make-up makes a person more beautiful, but people are supposed to know that it’s not what kind of cancer-causing product you put on your skin–it’s about what’s on the inside that counts!

Although there is a rumor going round that make-up is made of bat guano, this is only true for mascara. It is added to mascara to make it thicker and shinier. Other products are made of pesticides. If you’re one of the people who wear makeup, you might want to read the ingredients before putting it on your face.

It is not uncommon that men are wearing makeup also. In fact, many predicted that men would soon turn to makeup to look and feel their best.  But no matter your gender, you don’t have to use makeup to look your best. It is better to let your natural beauty show instead.

There is a continuing risk factor that some products found in makeup do cause certain types of cancer. One main product is called paraminobenzoic acid. Most commonly, this ingredient causes skin cancer and appears in spray-on tans.

Cosmetics can be a tricky thing, whether you’re a female or male.

A lot of surgeries designed to help with weight-loss are dangerous too. They may not cause cancer, but they can do damage if the doctor doesn’t know what exactly he or she is doing. Always make sure your doctor is certified and not just trying to make a quick buck.

So next time you’re out getting the perfect color lipstick to match your dress, or getting a tan to impress your friends, try to remember the dangers of looking beautiful.

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