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Dearest Readers,

Over the past year, I have witnessed, as many of you have, a drastic improvement in the quality of our journalism program at Fleetwood Area High School. As a two-year member of The Tiger Times staff and the newest lead editor, I am proud to have been part of this change. After the retirement of former journalism advisor Mrs. Nancy Mellon, the other returning reporters  and I had a collective feeling of anxiety regarding who would take over and how our journalistic body would be managed.

Despite our apprehensions, we at The Tiger Times received an advisor whose perseverance and ingenuity made an absolutely perfect fit for our new and much larger staff.  English teacher Mr. Zachary Houp came into this position knowing little of our reporters, their capabilities, or our ability to create a newspaper. However, with the help from our executive staff, Houp has effectively allowed The Tiger Times to reach new and exciting heights.

In the 2010-11 school year, we have begun to print on a larger paper size, allowing for more articles and a credibility that equals that of a collegiate or professional newspaper. We have also expanded our reaches to the Internet, publishing all of our articles online at TheTigerTimes.com. Our newspaper is increasing its readership to other schools in the Fleetwood Area School District and to others within the Fleetwood community.
I cannot express in words how proud I am to have the reporting staff that I do. The students in the journalism class are dedicated to reporting relevant news and doing so in a timely fashion. In just one year, I have seen many good writers become great writers, and I have seen many reporters gain an interest and understanding for the world around them and their ability to analyze the events in it.

I, personally, could not be happier with our progress as a newspaper this year. I can only hope that next school year brings just as much growth as we’ve seen already. However, I do know for a fact that The Tiger Times will continue to bring you, the reader, the relevant and factual news that you need and deserve. I eagerly anticipate our next year in journalism, and I know I can speak for the entire Tiger Times staff when I say that it has been an honor to bring you the news.

Tiger Times Lead Editor,
Matthew H. Voyer

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