Reporter Bio: Brad Arndt

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Brad Arndt is a 6’2” senior whose biggest fear in life is dying. On the weekends, he enjoys playing sports, watching sports, playing FIFA on the Xbox 360, hanging out with friends, and sleeping a significant amount of the time. He plays varsity soccer for Fleetwood but also dabbles in street hockey and basketball. Brad’s dream vacation would be a trip to Germany to visit the land of his heritage. If Brad had the chance to spend a day with one famous person, he would spend it playing FIFA against Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney. After high school, Brad plans on attending college and pursuing a degree in the medical field. He also wishes to become a hero within the collegiate intramural sports scene. Among the biggest influences in Brad’s life are his parents because they push him to better himself. Brad is very excited to bring his skills to The Tiger Times newspaper for his final year of high school, and he looks forward to providing Fleetwood High School with the news it wants and needs.

by Devin Wenzel

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