2011 Homecoming Court Announced

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With only thirty seconds left in the school week, FAHS students were treated to an eleventh hour announcement of the 2011 homecoming court as office secretary Arlene Bonnani read the results over the building-wide loudspeaker.

Earlier in the week, students received ballots listing all male and female students in the senior class.  Each student selected five nominees from each gender, and the student council tabulated the results to select the top five men and women from the senior class to act as the homecoming court.

During the October 1st festivities, a King and Queen will be announced based on results of further balloting during the forthcoming school week.  Students will again vote during their first period classes for their number one male and female choices.

The 2011 court includes the following senior students:

  • Autumn Noll
  • Haley Schlechter
  • Julie Sipos
  • Madison Rice
  • Taylor Adam
  • Andrew Moran
  • Daniel Lopez
  • Edwin Enriquez
  • Ryan Cortazzo
  • Ryan Hollenbach
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