Berks Conservancy Helps Fleetwood Flood Victims

Posted on October 14, 2011 by


Because of the recent hurricane, the rise Willow Creek has flooded numerous homes and community properties surrounding the waterway. The Berks Conservancy is putting together a tree planting along the Willow Creek in Fleetwood to help with the damage caused by the creek. The planting is set to take place on 15 October 2011 with a rain date on 22 October 2011. The Conservancy and the surrounding communities will be planting nearly 500 shrubs and trees.

This event will create a riparian buff, which will decrease flood damage and keep the water clean. Some of the goals for those who wish to attend will be to create a safer environment for Pennsylvania’s state fish, the Brook Trout; plant trees and shrubs up to 6 square acres; and give locals the chance to recreationally fish. The FAHS Outdoor Club and a few others are expected to follow suit and join the project.

Those who are directing this project would like to be aware of the number of students planning to attend.  If any student is interested in helping out at this event, contact The Fleetwood Area Middle School library for more information.

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