Fleetwood Tiger SuperFans Loud and Proud

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Throughout the history of American athletics, scholastic fervor for sports teams has been an integral part of the atmosphere of a sporting event. Reserved “Student Sections” are consistently the loudest area among most high-school sporting venues. Fleetwood High School students have expanded this concept over the past two decades and created a persona that establishes a rowdy, extremely passionate environment at both home and away games: The Fleetwood Tigers SuperFan. The Tigers student section is composed solely of these SuperFans, whose wit and volume remain unmatched in all of Berks County.

A constant following at the soccer and basketball teams here at Fleetwood, the student section travels to the farthest reaches of Berks County to support the Tigers.

“It’s really awesome to see that our fans and friends are willing to drive out to cheer for us,” says senior and soccer captain Brad Arndt. “It really makes the environment much more exciting.”

The existence of the SuperFan can be credited to the most defining aspect of Fleetwood’s athletic culture: Fleetwood Tigers soccer. As a small rural school in the 1970’s, Fleetwood hardly deserved a mention among state-wide athletics. But as soccer, primarily a European sport at the time, emerged onto the American scholastic sports scene, Fleetwood jumped at the opportunity to form a team with the help of legendary coach Ray Buss. By instituting an extensive youth program, soccer became a treasured pastime of many Fleetwood students, leading to the existence of a highly skilled high school team as well as an extremely passionate following of fans.

“[The youth program] just kept growing.” said Buss in a 1990 interview. “I have a lot of respect for all these kids.”

Today, the success of the soccer team still draws a massive amount of attention and helps to create the most dedicated soccer fans in the area. But Fleetwood SuperFans don’t just dedicate themselves to soccer. The student section can be seen at football and basketball games as well, flaunting students’ passion for the Tigers.

“We definitely are the loudest and most clever group of fans. We’re a small school, but we’ve got big hearts,”Senior Ryan Cortazzo said

“Water is a necessity for Fleetwood fans; we yell so loud that throat injuries are pretty common,” junior Ryan Steward said .

Fleetwood’s fans are known around the area for their passion. The antics of the SuperFans have been documented on multiple occasions in local news outlets such as the Reading Eagle and Channel 69 News. Various noise level complaints have been filed regarding the volume of the student section, which usually gets the students even more rowdy than before.

What others often consider obnoxious, Fleetwood fans simply consider support and enthusiasm. The students at Fleetwood love their sports and their school, and they are proud to represent Fleetwood SuperFandom.

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