Tough Decisions Await Female Athletes in Fall

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For a long time now, rumors have been circulating that the high school girls’ soccer season, which takes place every spring, will be moved to the fall because of an alleged lacrosse season taking place in the spring.

According to Matt Diehl, athletic director for Fleetwood Area School District, the change is taking place, but for a different reason.  Because only three districts in Pennsylvania have girls’ soccer seasons in the spring, the majority of the teams in the state play in the fall. By making the change, the state championships will include all districts, and the champion will truly be the best in the state.

Because of this change, many players are going to have a tough choice ahead of them.

“I am going to have to choose between soccer and tennis, and I really love both sports,” Stephanie Favata, an FAHS sophomore said.

Likewise, FAHS sophomore Elaina Hawkins said she is going to have to choose between cross-country and soccer.

This unavoidable change is going to affect Fleetwood’s field hockey team, cross-country team, girls’ tennis team, girls’ volleyball team, and girls’ soccer team next year. In last year’s girls’ soccer roster, eleven girls played field hockey, three girls ran cross-country, and three girls played tennis. That is more than half of last year’s team.

“That is definitely going to dilute the talent among the teams,” varsity soccer coach Mike Boyer said.

Players have split opinions about the change. Some players feel it might be good because the weather will be better; after all, spring tends to have more rain and colder temperatures, which causes cancellations and other interferences with practice time and game schedules. Other players think it will make scheduling horrendous for the turf field.

“The weather will be much nicer, and we will not have the distractions of the end of the school year activities,” Boyer said.

 District facilities must juggle field hockey, boys’ and girls’ soccer, and football on the turf field, and that includes both practices and games.

“It’s important that they take the time to think about how it affects the kids who play the sports,” FAHS spectator Sarah Ahearn said.

Soccer being moved to fall next year will significantly affect fall sports. Scheduling will be challenging, decisions will have to be made by the players, and teams are going to suffer.

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