Corbett to Pass Tough Driving Law

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Governor Corbett's plan would make driving regulations more challenging for minors. Photo used with permission from "DrivingtheNortheast" at

On 28 September, a bill was passed creating tougher rules for junior drivers, and Governor Corbett has said he will eventually sign it into law.

The bill will limit the number of passengers allowed in a junior driver’s vehicle to only one passenger for the first 6 months the driver has his or her license. However, this limitation would not apply if the junior driver’s parents were in the vehicle.

After the driver performs his first 6 months of driving, the junior driver may then have as many as three underage passengers as long as they haven’t had any accidents.

These measures, which are being put in place to cut down the number of road-related teen deaths and accidents, are seen favorably in the eyes of many who have to deal with this concern on a regular basis, such as Berks County Coroner Dennis J. Hess.

“Is it going to stop kids from dying behind the wheel? No, but if this law saves one or two youths then it was well worth passing,” Hess said in a Reading Eagle article.

This law will not only affect minors who get their licenses after the law is passed; it will also affect those under 18 who currently have their learners permit or who are attempting to get their permits.

Once the law is put into place, in order for drivers with a permit to receive their licenses, they will have to have completed 65 hours of driving experience. The bill will also require them to have at least five hours driving experience in bad weather and ten hours driving experience at night.

This new law, however, is not going over well amongst teen drivers who currently have their permits or will be getting their permits soon.

“I don’t really understand why they are changing the driving requirements that you need to have to get your license. I just don’t think it’s fair that they’re adding all these hours that you need to have driven,”Fleetwood Area High School sophomore Jake Lash said.

The law, once Governor Corbett signs it, will become active 28 November of this year.

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