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New Government Regulations Plan to Eradicate Drunk Driving

November 30, 2021 by


There are around 9,000 deaths caused by drunk drivers each year in the U.S. In 2026, America is going to have a requirement on cars that will mandate a new technology for people under the influence of alcohol that is intended to curb the extent of fatalities. This plan is part of the Democrat’s trillion-dollar […]

US Borders to Reopen for Vaccinated Travelers

October 31, 2021 by


Should the borders be reopened for those who are vaccinated? Regardless of one’s opinion, the U.S. plans to reopen its land borders with Canada and Mexico, but travelers need proof that they are vaccinated in order to travel or cross the border.  The Biden administration plans to lift travel restrictions at the borders starting in […]

Amtrak Train Derails In Washington

January 25, 2018 by


On 18 December 2017, an Amtrak train in Washington crashed. Around three people have died and “Police say 19 people were taken from the scene uninjured. Of the approximately 100 people transferred to hospital for evaluation, 10 were considered to have serious injuries,”the BBC said. According to the BBC, the train was going around 80 […]

Jacy Good Shares Tragedy with FAHS

May 26, 2017 by


On 18 May 2008, college graduate Jacy Good was on her way home from graduation with her parents and everything she ever owned. She was ready to begin her life with her college sweetheart, Steve Johnson. This typical 90-minute drive home ended up taking months. Good’s last memory was of her and her parents stopping […]

Formula 1 Season Races to Conclusion

November 30, 2016 by


After 19 of 21 races in the 2016 Formula 1 season, Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg holds a 19 point lead in the championship over teammate Lewis Hamilton, despite Hamilton winning each of the past two races. Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo is third; however, he is over 100 points behind. Hamilton has dominated the past two […]

Parking Lot Closure Mandates Busing for All Students

April 1, 2016 by


News is spreading that the student parking lot is no longer going to be available. Instead, it will be a weight room. The new building will occupy a large chunk of the parking lot and will be of more use than the current one in the high school. Construction will begin sometime in May on the building, […]

Seven Dead, Hundreds Injured after Derailment in Philly

June 1, 2015 by


On Tuesday, 12 May 2015, a train on its way to New York was derailed in Philadelphia. The train was en route from Washington with 238 passengers and five crew members. More than two hundred people were injured in the wreck, and the death toll recently grew to seven people. The train left everyone in a […]

PA Driver’s Test Requires Practice, Preparation

November 26, 2014 by


Getting your driver’s license and driving is what most people look forward to at some point in his or her life. Being able to drive gives you freedom and a huge responsibility. “I love driving. I drive to a lot of places. My favorite place to go is Panera with my friends,” junior Olivia Allison said. […]

Students React to Shrinking Gas Prices

October 21, 2014 by


Gas prices around the area have dropped. According to the Associated Press, by the end of this year, gas prices should drop down to under $3 a gallon. “I like to go places, but gas prices are ridiculous right now. I have a truck, and I put like $60 in it to fill the tank […]

Stowaway Survives Flight in Wheel Well

June 10, 2014 by


A 16-year-old boy survived unharmed after stowing away in the wheel well of a plane. Many people say that he is “lucky to be alive” because of the conditions that he suffered during the five-hour flight from California to Hawaii. Most people that stow away in wheel wells do not survive the flight, so it […]

Malasysian Flight Meets Tragic End

April 14, 2014 by


A Malaysian flight that left on Friday, 8 March, en route to Beijing went missing and has not been seen since. It never reached its destination and was not seen on the radar much after its departure. There has been much speculation onto what might have happened. Some say terrorism, hijacking, or mechanical malfunctions. The […]

Car Models Dictate Teen Safety

December 9, 2013 by


Purchasing a car is a tough decision for teens and parents. Teens want a fast, expensive car while parents want a cheaper, safer car for their teens. “Volvo is a generally safer car,” wood and metal shop teacher John Heck said. A good source for teen drivers looking to buy cars would be NBC’s top […]

Operation “Safe Stop” Stops Unsafe Drivers

December 9, 2013 by


Every weekday morning, someone would see a bus picking up children to bring to school. A person would also see a driver right behind that bus waiting for the bus to continue on its voyage to school. Luckily enough, that driver was being patient for the bus. However, there are situations where the driver is […]

Driving Safety a Constant Issue for Teens

November 19, 2013 by


Driving is exciting for teens, and it teaches them important skills they will need to know the rest of their lives. Teens can start driving at 16, but many do not make an attempt until they are 18. Driving is fun and grants teenagers a unique freedom, but with that freedom comes great responsibility. “All […]

Celebrate Your Drive…Every Day!

October 23, 2013 by


Thanks to all of those who have participated in our Celebrate My Drive program by making a commitment to drive safely each day. Fleetwood Area High School is currently ranked 42nd. The top fifty schools will receive a grant (up to $100,000), so keep up the good work and continue to log into to until Saturday. […]

Commit to Safe Driving!

October 20, 2013 by


YOU CAN HELP THE HIGH SCHOOL WIN BY COMMITTING TO BE A SAFE DRIVER! Fleetwood Area High School students are rallying community members to commit to safe driving.  In conjunction with State Farm’s Celebrate My Drive® program, FAHS is working to reverse the startling statistic that car crashes are the number one killer of teens in the United […]

Studies Show Teens Waiting Longer to Drive

May 24, 2013 by


Obtaining a driver’s license is a large step in one’s life. It provides the owner with freedoms and opportunities not present before he or she acquired one. The minimum age to obtain a license in the United States varies from fourteen to seventeen depending on state laws; however, new statistics are coming forward that fewer […]

Many Entertaining Events at The Buck

February 14, 2013 by


This upcoming spring/summer the events at The Buck in Lancaster will soon begin again. Starting on 27 April, the mud bogs and tuff truck series will be starting the new year off. The next events, as of now, are scheduled and assigned to the following dates. The next event will be on 4 May with the […]

Expectations High for Motorama Events in February

February 2, 2013 by


The Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, will be holding the Motorama Events on Saturday, 16 February from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and Sunday, 17 February, 9 .a.m to 5 p.m.  ARENAcross (Motocross), go-kart racing, quarter midget racing, remote control racing, robot conflicts, custom tuner show, speed show, and vendors are among the many events that […]

FAHS Students Sound Off on Tractors

January 3, 2013 by


Fleetwood is surrounded by farms and farmers, and many students at Fleetwood have an opinon on which farm equipment is best.  “International!  I prefer a white tractor,” student Ryan Bubbenmoyer said An International tractor is a white tractor with red lettering.  On the other hand, quite a few students prefer a John Deere tractor. A […]

Chevy, Ford Rivalry an Arbitrary Debate

November 20, 2012 by


Many know that the Chevy v. Ford feud is a long-standing tradition, but when people are questioned why they like each vehicle,  a straight answer is rarely given.  Some say whichever vehicle their parents drove. There are no real fact as to which manufacturer is better, but the opinions are beyond hilarious. “I grew up […]

New Laws Hope to Engender Safer Driving

November 15, 2012 by


In early November, several states enacted laws banning teen drivers from using cell phones behind the wheel. The law will ban any use of cell phones, including texting and calling, by teens who are driving. In some states, a $150 fine will be issued to those caught in the act of texting while driving.  Currently, […]

2011 Marks Traffic Fatality Low

June 7, 2012 by


The year of 2011 has set the record with traffic deaths at 32,310–the lowest since 1949, when the total was 30,246. The number of deaths for this year is exactly 445 fewer, and approximately 1.3%  less than the traffic deaths of 2010. Pennsylvania also experienced a dip in the number of fatalities with 1291 deaths, […]

New Driving Law Hard on New Drivers

February 24, 2012 by


Safety is a big concern with new drivers on the road.  Many laws and restrictions are already in place to enhance the safety of all drivers. There have been some changes to the law recently, and it is already affecting drivers. These laws especially affect drivers who have a permit or junior license. Not too […]