Renaissance Faire a Wash…Again

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Like every class for the last few years, Fleetwood’s class of 2012 took the annual trip to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire on Thursday, 13 October. It was a rain-filled day at the Faire, but luckily the rain was only coming straight down. Students who did not bring an umbrella were soaked for the bus ride home after four and half hours inside the soggy confines of the Renaissance Faire.

The senior class has been visiting the Renaissance Faire for ten years in a row. Before the Faire, Fleetwood’s seniors did not go on any sort of trip. Senior English teacher Deb Mahnken took a trip to the Renaissance Faire by herself years ago and, after her experience at the Faire, thought it would be educational and fun for her to take the senior class.  Combined with its close proximity and reasonable prices, the Renaissance Faire seemed like a perfect place. It also ties into the senior English curriculum because historical British literature is studied heavily in twelfth grade.

Like many previous years, this year’s trip was dampened by inclement weather. Fleetwood seems unable to catch a break with mighty Mother Nature.

“One year it actually sleeted in October,” said Mahnken.

Rain certainly plays a huge factor in the overall experience at the Renaissance Faire. Shows that would normally take place on a cool, sunny day are cancelled, and students huddle in damp shops trying to stay dry. Therefore, kids do not have a chance to walk around and take in the full atmosphere of the Renaissance period.

“It was miserable because it was cold and wet,” senior Matt McCammitt said.

The trip wasn’t all for naught, however.

“Watching Danny Lopez play chess in the pouring rain was my favorite part of the day,” Patrick Shukraft said.

Mahnken, who is in charge of the senior trip, is unsure of the excursion’s future. She is looking into other options because the weather has been so unpredictable in past years. Also, the Renaissance Faire got rid of the bands and hypnotist that used to perform, all of which delivered key, memorable experiences. She is taking suggestions from juniors for ideas; however, school administration is not big on paying for substitutes for the teachers who chaperone, so the senior trip may eventually be cancelled altogether.

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