In Memoriam: Steve Jobs

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Photo used with permission from Danny Novo (c) copyright 2011

On 5 October 2011, the world lost one of the most intelligent and creative people in recent memory; Steve Jobs passed away of cancer at the age of 56.

Jobs will forever be remembered for his innovative Apple computer products and how they made people’s lives easier. But how did his inventions change the way students learn at Fleetwood?

For starters, students certainly would not have any computer or technology classes, which include computer programming and digital imaging. They would also not have laptops for students to use as well.

“If we didn’t have Apple technology at Fleetwood Area High School, I probably wouldn’t be teaching here and we definitely wouldn’t be producing Misa’s Fugue,” Media teacher Sean Gaston said.

Jobs got his start by founding Apple in his parent’s garage with his friend, Steve Wozniak in 1974. Jobs and Wozniak met while they were both working at a summer job where Wozniak was building a mainframe computer.

Apple is mostly known for inventing the Mac computers, the iPod, the iPhone, and, recently, the iPad. All of these inventions are still in use by millions around the world today.

“I think Steve Jobs’ most innovative invention was his ability to be a pioneer for creativity,” Gaston said. “He was a master at taking something from an idea and turning it into a reality. For him, that reality was to truly change the world. Just think about what the iPod did for, and to, the music industry.”

When Steve Jobs died on 5 October, the whole digital world mourned his passing. His innovative technology changed the way that Americans view and use computers, music, and many other innovations used daily. The world has lost one of its greatest minds and one of its most creative visionaries.  No one’s daily life would be the same had it not been for his inventions and his great mind.

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