Students Express Themselves through Rap Battling

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War has broken out at Fleetwood Area High school.

Not one of physical strength, but one of rhymes. In the past few weeks, rap battles have taken over the halls of Fleetwood High every day before ninth period.

Rap battling, the basis for all rap music, is truly where rap music originated. The object of a rap battle is to come up with clever, clean, and sometimes insulting rap lyrics to rhythmically throw at your opponent.

In the “octagon”–a hallway intersection that, owing to bad luck, appears immediately outside of Mr. Houp’s room–students become the all-seeing judges, responding with a plethora of “oooh’s” and “ahhhhh’s” to whoever dares to “spit” or rap . One might ponder why exactly this rap battling scene is so intriguing.

“It’s a true form of art.  They should just let us be. We should have ‘Freestyle Friday’ and extend those 4 minutes between classes to 8!” junior Sam Cabrera said.

It’s not only a form of art to senior Matt McCammittt.

“It brings the whole school together.”

Even Fleetwood’s own quarterback, junior Corey Unger said,“It’s awesome, and the teachers should let it happen.”

One of the original contenders, Ryan Cortazzo, explained how it feels to be in the circle surrounded by his peers.

“It’s a great feeling. All eyes are on you, but when you spit your game proper, there is nothing to worry about. We got the inspiration after watching some YouTube videos; rap battling in the halls is something collective and new.”

But suddenly the tables turned when an unknown figure approached.

“I’m the worst poet in the English department, so we decided I should rap so that we know any one of us could take [the students],” English teacher Marc Walter said. “Rap isn’t horrible; it’s a basic form of art and dates back to Geoffrey Chaucer in the 1300’s. It inspires creativity, and that’s always a good thing.”

Rap battling even includes some English concepts: simplistic rhyme schemes and heroic couplets among them. Students aren’t fighting, they are simply expressing themselves with art: the art of rap battling.

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