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Fleetwood to Perform Stage Adaptation of “Clue”

April 17, 2021 by


The Fleetwood Theatrical Society is performing the play Clue. This year’s play is based off of the board game Clue. Clue is a murder mystery about a murder at a mansion, including several participants, and, in the end, the audience decides who the killer was.  The actors, most of whom have been in multiple plays […]

Fleetwood Initiates Diversity Community to Guarantee Equality

April 2, 2021 by


“I joined the diversity committee to bring change and stop any racism in the schools,” sophomore Max Hernandez, a member of the diversity committee, said. What is the diversity committee? It’s a group of people dedicated to help make Fleetwood a better school district by protecting students from racism and discrimination. Led by the assistant […]

Fleetwood Swimming Goes to Districts

March 26, 2021 by


The co-op Fleetwood and Muhlenburg swimming team went to Districts this year with eleven swimmers from Fleetwood participating. This is the third year for this co-op with Muhlenburg, and two seniors, Olivia Downs and Sarah Fisher, went to Districts Saturday, 6 March. Eleven swimmers from Fleetwood went to districts in total, and many are also […]

Fleetwood FBLA Team Returns Victorious

March 21, 2021 by


Many Fleetwood students were winners at the FBLA event held in January and December. It was held virtually over a three-week period of time from mid-December to Early January. ¨There is a lot of recognition to be earned through FBLA,¨ adviser and business teacher Kelly Ackerman said. Winners were announced via a video recording created […]

FBLA Teams with Ronald McDonald House for Annual Project

March 15, 2021 by


The Fleetwood chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America recently launched a project with Ronald McDonald House of Charities. Every year, the club forms a project that benefits the community. Last year’s FBLA’s project was titled “Superheroes for Autism.” This year, they’re working with Ronald McDonald House of Charities. For this project, students will […]

Fleetwood Mock Trial Team Completes Round 1 of Regionals

March 4, 2021 by


“I know our team is very strong. But there’s always uncertainty when judges and jurors are evaluating us,” Mock Trial Advisor Mrs. Molly Sherman said. This year, Fleetwood’s Mock Trial team has been going through trials for the District competition. While it’s different because of Zoom, the team is doing well, so far winning all […]

Seaman and Baez Sign Letters of Intent

March 2, 2021 by


Wesley Seamen and Alexis Baez kicked off their college careers by signing letters of intent. A letter of intent is a bonding agreement the school gives a student. Writing these letters is a big step in an athlete’s life, one that helps them to accomplish their dreams in sports.   These two Fleetwood athletes chose to […]

Snow Days Look a Little Different This School Year

February 24, 2021 by


“I think it would be cool to have a full spring break instead of snow days,” sophomore Casey Batz said. Winter came this year and it came with a vengeance compared to last year. The groundhog even saw his shadow, so winter’s going to be extended. Again. This year, due to the hybrid schedule of […]

FAHS Blood Drive Offers Chance for Giving, Involvement

February 13, 2021 by


Science teacher Jennifer Neiman recently worked with students and Miller-Keystone Blood bank to prepare a blood drive. The goal of this drive was to help others in need of major surgeries. The blood drive is for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and those who have participated four times in their high school careers may earn a […]

Students, Teachers React to the Start of a New Semester in Hybrid Instruction

February 7, 2021 by


“The first semester went well. I didn’t fail anything,” freshman Kaitlyn Geist said. Now that students and teachers have experienced a semester figuring out teaching styles, how to work technology, and the new changes to their internal clocks, most are better prepared to take on new classes. This year has been unlike any other year, […]

November Students-of-the-Month Named

January 30, 2021 by


The students named Students-of-the-Month by the FAHS faculty for November were Julia Spanier and Sarah Davenport. Sarah is the daughter of Matt and Stephanie Davenport of Fleetwood. Her future plans include attending college as a biology major before continuing to medical school. Sarah has been involved in many clubs/activities at Fleetwood Area High School, including, […]

FAHS Students Approach New Year with High Hopes

January 21, 2021 by


The year 2020 was eventful in all the wrong ways, but many hope 2021 can land more smoothly for Fleetwood students. “Last year was tough because of everything going on. But I feel like I’ve grown as a person in 2020 and have learned so many new things to use in my future,” Amy Fitzgerald […]

FASD Transitions to SSO Authentication on Zoom

January 21, 2021 by


As zoom progresses, so do SSO zoom calls. Fleetwood has been in a hybrid system with two days online per student per week. Online days will change with this update. SSO is based on a trust relationship set up between an application, known as the service provider, and an identity provider. This trust relationship is […]

Will Fleetwood Go Virtual or Remain Hybrid?

January 4, 2021 by


Will Fleetwood ever go fully virtual? Fleetwood started virtual last year, but by the end of summer, the hybrid system began. As the months have gone by, students have begun to prefer the hybrid system over the virtual one. Some virtual students believe they can’t work at their fullest potential. But, if cases keep rising, […]

Downs, Leininger Sign Letters of Intent

December 14, 2020 by


Fleetwood students Olivia Downs and Sarah Leininger have signed their National Letters of Intent.  Olivia will be attending Widener for swimming, and Sarah will be attending Millersville for Girls Volleyball.  The NCAA manages the daily operations of the NLI program while the Collegiate Commissioners Association (CCA) provides governance oversight of the program. It started in […]

School Lunch Funding Decreases Amidst Pandemic

December 2, 2020 by


Only a quarter of students are eating lunch from the cafeteria this year; even fewer are eating breakfast. Even though the school lunches and breakfasts are free, only a quarter of kids are getting lunch from the cafeteria, which lowers the USDA funding to be able to provide these meals because they do not receive […]

German Students Signing up for Friendship Connections

November 16, 2020 by


German students are in the process of signing up for Friendship Connections.  If any students are interested in finding out more, he or she can approach Mrs. Christine Moll, German teacher, with any questions. It usually takes place between March and April.  Up until 2020, the Friendship Connection successfully arranged four-week ¨home-to-home¨ exchanges every year […]

BVA Manages FAHS Virtual Electives

November 15, 2020 by


Do you ever sit in front of a screen too long and feel your eyes start to burn? This is called a “digital eye strain.” The blue light that a computer screen emits is very harmful to the eyes after long periods of time, and many virtual students attending Fleetwood are struggling with this issue.  […]

FAHS Hosts Miller-Keystone Blood Drive

November 15, 2020 by


Anyone interested in participating in and learning more about the FAHS blood drive should ask science teacher Mrs. Jennifer Neiman or visit Miller Keystone´s website  There have been two student drives recently, one on 16 October and the one on 26 October. On 21 October, there was a drive held for the public. If […]

Sacha Joseph and Kenny Au Win Homecoming Court

October 19, 2020 by


On Wednesday, 7 October, Kenny Au and Sacha Joseph were crowned King and Queen of homecoming during a live stream.  Last year, Mamadou Jalloh and Michaela Kaskey were crowned King and Queen of Homecoming. For Fleetwood, Homecoming has been around for a long time. “I’ve heard about Hallway Decorating occurring since the early 2000s, and […]

Homecoming Court: Who Are They?

October 12, 2020 by


“I am super surprised I’m on Homecoming Court! People keep congratulating me and it’s weird but it’s super sweet!” senior Kenzie Miller said. Ten seniors were voted on this year’s Homecoming Court and have shared their thoughts about the dance, grade competition, and predictions for the final vote. Homecoming is a special day for each […]

Cheerleading and Football Seniors Honored

February 18, 2020 by


At the end of every football season, the sideline cheerleading squad and football team have their annual senior walk as peers say their final goodbyes to the seniors who have put in years of hard work and dedication to the programs. The senior walk consists of a team dinner that is then followed by the […]

Fleetwood Students Enjoy Hunting Season

February 14, 2020 by


The 2019 Hunting season has come and gone, and it was a popular recreation for Fleetwood students. Rifle season started earlier than usual this year; instead of the Monday following Thanksgiving, it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Many fine young Fleetwood students  started hunting around the same age. “[I started]  when I was ten years […]

Fleetwood in Top 6% of Schools in PA

February 13, 2020 by


The Future Ready PA Index shows residents how each school is performing academically and which direction each school is trending. Fleetwood is performing second best in the county, right under Kutztown. Six years ago, when Mr. Stephen Herman was not principal, Fleetwood was in the bottom 15% of all high schools in the state. Now, […]