New Call of Duty Game Hits the Mark

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With high expectations for the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare video game, it’s safe to say that Infinity Ward met, if not exceeded, those expectations,. Even though the game gets its storyline from its predecessor Modern Warfare 2, the installments definitely have their differences.The single player mode takes gamers globe-trotting through the world’s most powerful countries to cities such as Manhattan, Berlin, and London. Each mission players come upon is exciting and action packed; each city is richly detailed, and the combat against opponents is challenging. There are some unexpected tragic moments in the campaign, but they combine to bring the Modern Warfare storyline to a satisfying conclusion and provide for a great gaming experience.

Because this game is in the Modern Warfare series–that means no zombies for you zombie slayers–it includes classic Special Op missions, which I like more than the primary campaign. The Spec Op missions are just as exciting and difficult as the campaign, relieving the gamer of the in-depth storyline and  the sometimes frustrating multiplier, which is always nice.

Another attribute gamers can find in the Spec Op area of the game is a new game type called “Survival.” It is similar to the game type “Horde” in the game Gears of War. The objective is to fight off wave after wave of opponents coming after you, with each wave growing increasingly more difficult.

The most popular aspect of Call of Duty games is online playing. Modern Warfare 2 will always be the best for online gaming, but Modern Warfare 3 follows close behind. Black Ops comes in dead last, only earning a medal for making me rage quit the most.

Most of the game modes remained the same, with the exception of the new mode “Kill Confirmed.” The objective of the mode is to collect the dog tags of the deceased opponent to add to your kill count. This game mode can be frustrating, but it promotes teamwork, which is usually lacking in multiplayer mode.

In the online gaming, players can see that the game brought back guns like the ACR, Ump, and M4A1, which is awesome because the ACR and Ump happen to be two of the best guns. The maps are really open and large, so gamers have a lot to explore, but sometimes it can be hard to find opponents. Usually they end up behind you because the one thing that Infinity Ward did not fix in the game is the spawning. That is really the only complaint worth mentioning. Players basically have to pitch a tent and camp in the game because someone is always behind you.

With fast and exciting multiplayer action, an exhilarating campaign mode, and awesome Spec Op missions offering multiplayer and single player traits, Modern Warfare 3 is the game to have. B+

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