Four Square Banned from Lunches and Study Halls

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From a distance, four square seems like a harmless, enjoyable game. It is creative a way for seniors to pass time in their lunch or study hall periods by hitting a small ball from square to square. Many of the seniors are infatuated with the sport.

“Some even call it America’s Pastime,” senior Pat Schukraft said.

The truth is revealed, however, when the doors to the courtyard open. One can find excessive celebrations, arguing over the rules, and rage quitting. The participants are so loud that people inside can hear the intense playing out on the court. The shrieks are especially loud on “Wham it Wednesday,” when players are allowed to strike the ball downwards.

Teachers find it rather distracting.  So do students trying to increase their level of knowledge in the classrooms. The players took it so far that the administration had to ban all four square games from the courtyard.  Students went into disarray, not knowing what do after their meal was consumed or their homework completed.

Period seven lunch, which has approximately fifteen players, was the first period to be banned from playing due to noise complaints. Next came period nine study hall, when the four square ball hit the window of a class room. As a result, all periods were prohibited from playing.

“It is an outrage,” Matt McCammitt, an avid four squarer, said.

“It’s very unsportsmanlike,” Emily Schilling said.

Now that we are approaching winter, it is not that big of a dilemma for seniors because it will be too cold to play anyway. Nevertheless, when spring time comes around, a decision will have to be made: whether to lift the ban or continue to prohibit the playing of four square.

“If four square doesn’t come back in the spring, I will organize Occupy the Courtyard to protest the decision,” Conor Donohoe said.

The students are anxious to see whether or not they will be able get back to playing the game they love.

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