The Tiger Times Has Eventful Past

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The Red and White, The Tiger, Tiger Tales, The Tiger Times and…The Pepsi Post? Yes, the history of Fleetwood’s School newspaper is indeed an interesting one.

Looking back at older school papers (the oldest paper currently on file is from 1958), historians can observe the gradual change in the newspaper, as well as the rest of the world.

Based on the remaining school papers at the disposal of The Tiger Times staff, we imagine that the school paper was known as The Red and White from roughly 1958 to 1967. The year 1970 seemed to bring about The Tiger, which lasted until sometime in the 80s, when the name was changed to Tiger Tales, though the name eventually returned to the beloved Tiger. However, sometime during the dynasty of The Tiger, the school paper appeared to have received sponsorship from Pepsi Cola, prompting a name change to The Pepsi Post, lasting only a year. The simple name of the Tiger stuck until the late 90s, when 2010 Fleetwood Area High School retiree Nancy Mellon took over.

Looking back at recent papers reminds the reader not much has changed over the years. In fact, surprising slang used here today has actually been around much longer than most students would imagine. In a 1968 publication of The Tiger, one reporter stated that “F-Wood” (a term commonly used by students today) had fans who were acting less than reputably, which unquestionably continues to this day.

One thing that definitely has changed over time is the artwork in the papers. The earliest editions of The Red and White had original art on numerous pages that was all hand drawn by students. In fact, the 1958 Christmas publication is actually covered with red and green pieces of construction paper, each with original artwork.

Some forms of the paper even have hippy tigers on them. These psychedelic felines were all hand drawn and are often found standing by the words “The Tiger” while sporting a peace medallion.

All in all, the history of Fleetwood’s school paper is beyond fascinating. The way that changing times have altered our paper is truly remarkable. One can only imagine what the future has in store for The Tiger Times.

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