Online Piracy Bill Now in Effect

Posted on December 20, 2011 by


A new bill introduced on 26 October 2011 has recently been passed.  Though the bill was still open to changes, it took effect on 15 December.

The SOPA Bill (Stop Online Piracy Act) will expand the ability of law enforcement and copyright holders to fight online trafficking and counterfeit goods as well as infringement. Infringement is a breach or infraction, as of law, right, obligation, violation, or transgression.

This bill would also make unauthorized streaming of copyrighted material a felony with a minimum of a five-year jail sentence. Many people complain that this bill will cripple the Internet and will counter the first amendment right to free speech.

“I really do not think this bill will work out because people can always find a way around things,” Fleetwood sophomore Brandon Readinger said. “I think this bill is great and all, but I don’t think people will obey it.”

This bill has already been implemented in 16 other countries and with success, but Americans do not like this bill for the sheer fact that they perceive its influence will reduce their right of free speech.

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