Reporter Bio: Devin Wenzel

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Devin Wenzel, a senior at Fleetwood Area High School and younger brother to Bradley Wenzel, is truly a Renaissance man. Despite excelling in countless sports and other activities, especially table tennis, Devin has chosen a different path in life. He plans to attend the University of Cincinnati on a baseball scholarship, though he has not yet chosen the major he would like to pursue as a degree. Deep down, Devin is just an average teenager who loves a fresh pair of Nikes and finds solace in catching movies with his girlfriend, Alyssa, and watching his favorite team, the Philadelphia Phillies. A devout family man, Devin looks up to his parents and credits them for influencing his life more than anyone else.  His favorite possession is even his dog Stanley. Mr. Wenzel’s life has included many triumphs, such as having the privilege to play in the East Coast Pro Showcase and starring in the YouTube series “Basketball Trick Shots.” Before he leaves this world, Devin wishes to partake in such adventures as skydiving, running with the bulls, and winning an MTV Video Music Award. For the time being, Devin Wenzel will be bringing his talents to room 111 each weekday afternoon in hopes of further developing his writing techniques and becoming a successful reporter for The Tiger Times.

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