Cyber-Bullying a Case of Impersonal Cruelty at FAHS

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Bullying is a very serious issue taking place in schools all over the world. Everyone has heard of it, many of us have been victims of it, and, unfortunately, many of us have probably even participated in it. Bullying can, however, be prevented if the rights actions are taken.

There are many different types of bullying that happen every day. One of the most common types among middle- and high-schoolers today is cyber bullying.

“Most bullying seems to take place over social networking sites because the people bullying feel superior looking at a computer screen. They don’t have to look into the person’s eyes. I feel as if people don’t know what harm they’re doing to someone else just through words,” sophomore Annamaria Rudderow stated.

“Bullying is very hurtful and can sincerely hurt someone. I think everybody should think about what they say and what it is doing to the person. I think bullying is a serious problem all around the world, and it’s something that needs to be watched more carefully. It’s easy to make fun of someone in the Internet, and some people think that it’s funny when it’s not,” senior Samantha Sanders said.

Cyber-bullying is one of the most talked about issues at Fleetwood Area High School. Unfortunately, the reason it’s being talked about is not in order to prevent it; in fact, most students provoke it and take part in it.

“Bullies are bullies. They’ll pick on whoever they can,” FAHS Principal Michael DeAntonio said.

When it comes to bullying over the web, it’s never just between two people. It’s out there for the entire social network.

“Most people don’t have the courage to bully in person,” sophomore Elaina Hawkins said.

All in all, cyber-bullying, as well as any kind of bullying, still causes great harm to all students.

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