Chromatic Wakeup a Local Phenomenon

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Heavily influenced by such bands as Switchfoot, Muse, and Death Cab for Cutie, Chromatic Wakeup is an Alternative Dance Rock group hailing from the greater Reading area.

Chromatic Wakeup is comprised of six members: front man AJ Fink (Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals), Nick Readdy (Keys, Vocals), Zac Cambria (Guitar, Vocals), Mark Gettis (Bass, Vocals), Rob Dipuppo (Percussion), and Patrick Readdy (Drums). While each member is in a different school, the group still finds a way and a time to rehearse their music.

Through a church music group competition, under the admittedly regretted band name “ShamWow,” they came together in Orlando, Florida. While they had a somewhat lackluster showing in the competition, they enjoyed and wished to continue their musical prowess as a group. Thus Chromatic Wakeup was born.

“We use Chromatic Walkups a lot in our music so we played off of that and became Chromatic Wakeup,” A.J. Fink, lead singer and lead guitarist, said.

The stage presence of this group is something that can’t be explained to those who haven’t seen it. With so many people on stage at any given time, their flow on stage never stops. Everyone is active, and everyone is into it, something that seems hard to come by in this day and age.

With the release of their new CD, The Broken Chairs EP, just occurring in late December, the group hopes to continue their flourishing career as a local musical phenomenon.

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