End of Iraq War an Effective, Accidental Political Strategy

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After more than seven years of fighting and a year of withdrawing American troops, the Iraq War is finally, officially over. The conflict, as time went on, became ever more unpopular, for many reasons. Many believed U.S. troops were only over there for the oil. Others felt that the true reason of the occupation was so President George W. Bush could finish what his father started during the first Gulf War.

Not everyone disagreed with the war, though some Americans were certain the war had a negative effect on Bush’s presidency and the Republican Party in general.

The controversy of the war was a major issue during the 2008 presidential election, when Republican candidate John McCain said he would stand by Bush’s decisions and continue the war in Iraq. Democratic candidate Barack Obama said that, if elected, he would end the war.

Some citizens have become curious why it took Obama so long to end the war. It seems to some as if he chose to finally end the war roughly ten months before elections and a little over a year before his current term as president ends. In fact, it is possible that Obama may be using the Iraq War’s end as a ploy for his possible reelection.

These events bear a minor resemblance to Nixon’s first term as president when, toward the end of his first term, he began the actual end of Vietnam War. Is this to say Obama is behaving manipulative?

The answer is no. Nixon had no qualms with continuing the war if it would have made him more popular publicly, so he chose to do so.  Obama, on the other hand, would have ended the war regardless of whether it would make him more popular. The fact that it is a popular choice just makes it all the better for him.

As elections draw ever closer and the media continues to focus its attention on the happenings within the Republican Party, it may be wise for some to keep an eye on Obama and where else he might be using his power to keep himself in office for another term.

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