Kellet Finishes Work on Tiger Mural

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Computer monitor and girls’ basketball coach Matt Kellet recently finished work on his Fleetwood basketball mural, which can be viewed just outside the high school gymnasium.

After getting permission from the administration to install this work of art, Kellett, along with the girls’ Basketball team, worked together to build the sign that is hanging up between the lobby and gymnasium of the high school. It was built and designed to raise school spirit for a Tournament on 9 and 10 December.

The used masonite board came from Home Depot, and technology education teacher John Heck loaned tools as well as his assistance to build the sign. The girls’ basketball team and Kellett took the time to paint during study halls, lunches, and any free time they had throughout the day. After two months, they were able to put the finishing touches on the sign.

The sign says “Fleetwood Tigers” with a very detailed tiger drawing underneath the board. Both the tiger and the Fleetwood tigers sign are made of two boards pieced together. A plaque is hung next to the sign which states, “Special thanks to Fleetwood Administration, Home Depot of Wyomissing, Fleetwood building and grounds, and Mr. John Heck.”

“Everyone did a fantastic job throughout the process, and it, for sure, is something the girls and the school should be proud of,” Kellet said.

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