FAHS/FAMS Ski Clubs Prepare for Late Season

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Last year, history teacher Craig Ghessi retired and took with him the amazing discounts offered to school ski clubs by Bear Creek Ski Area. Thankfully, middle school history teacher Tony Didyoung and guidance counselor Jessica Cammauf, who head the middle school’s ski club, jumped at the opportunity to assist the high school.

Didyoung, who attended Fleetwood Area High School and has been an avid skier for years, assumed the reins from Ghessi and has improved the ski club along with the help of all around sports enthusiast Jess Cammauf. The two not only brought the ski club to the high school but now provide transportation for high school students, a feature of the ski club that was not previously available for high school skiers and snowboarders.

The Cammauf/Didyoung ski club is composed of 56 students, 23 in the high school and 33 in the middle school. By creating a ski club for the students, Didyoung and Cammauf have saved a surprisingly large amount of money. Just to give one an idea of the savings, an off-peak pass at Bear Creek originally costs about $350. The school ski club discount brings the price down to $250. If each student were to buy an off-peak pass, $5600 would be saved altogether.

As anyone in Berks County can observe, this winter has been one of the warmest ever. Didyoung is actually glad the winter started out warm.

“It worked to our benefit, as our first night of skiing was great for two reasons: slopes were empty, and the snow was fresh,” Didyoung said.

Didyoung believes that January should remain cold and provide winter sports enthusiasts with plenty of time to snowboard or ski.

The new ski club also plans on making a trip to Blue Mountain in February. The ski club used to journey to Blue Mountain once a week but eventually turned to Bear Creek for its primary ski resort because Bear Creek is much closer to Fleetwood.

All in all, Didyoung and Cammauf have started their ski club off on the right foot. Hopefully, the duo will continue to take the ski club to new heights and, most importantly, save kids a bundle on lift tickets.

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