Superfan Nation Takes to the Basketball Court

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Although Fleetwood isn’t known for its success at all sports, one thing it is known for is Superfan Nation.

Superfan Nation can be described as the school’s group of unorganized kids who somehow came together for this year’s basketball season. The Superfans go to every boys’  home and away game, always dressed in some kind of theme.
Themes the Superfans take part in include fake-outs, red-outs, white-outs, and classy night.

“Fake outs” are when our student section wears the opposing team’s color over a red or white shirt.  After the National Anthem plays, the wrong color shirt is removed and waved in the air wildly as cheering begins.

Red outs and white outs are somewhat self-explanatory, meaning the students dress in either all red or all white.

Classy night is when the guys dress in a suit or khakis with a button up shirt, and girls dress in dresses or skirts with a nice shirt and heels if they please.

“I think the themes are fun, and they encourage the basketball team,” Superfan Mallory Christman said.

Even though some view the Superfans as foolish or silly, they continue to make a good impression at sporting events. The father of Junior basketball player Christian Boyer approached fellow Superfans saying the student section is “the best thing that has ever happened to this school.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Superfan Dan Milloy said. “We’re the best.”

“The superfans are fun for the first half, then they’re all quiet. But I like the Superfan shirts. That’s my favorite thing that you guys do,”  JV basketball player Matt Hook said.

Although the boys’ basketball players try their hardest, they don’t usually win, but the student section still has fun screaming at opposing fans and mingling in the crowd.

“It’s hype. It’s like a big party,” freshman Shaq Cobb said.

“The Superfan Nation is a wonderful movement,” Nick Braswell said. “We should have more support from the adult crowd because, without us, there would be no game.”

Fleetwood may not win every game, but the memories are about cheering and hanging out with friends in the crowd.

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