Random Cheese covers Valentine’s Day Candy

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, the staff of The Tiger Times ventured to ask students: “What is your favorite candy?”

Micah Storms (11)- “Starbursts.”
Dan Judy (11)- “3 Musketeers.”
Christian Boyer (11)- ” Reese’s Pieces.”
Dan Milloy (12)- “Milk Duds.”
Mr. Farr (Math Teacher)- “Take 5.”
Mr. Houp (English Teacher)- “Mjolkchoklad from IKEA.”

Though juniors Stephen Hilborn and Justin Dantas named Skittles as their favorite, Julie Sipos (12), Samantha Sanders (12), and Eric Burgos (11) all decided on Sour Patch Kids. Hopefully, stores will be stocking up on the gummy treats in time for 14 February!

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