Easy, Inexpensive Valentine’s Gifts for Men Abound

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Girls often think buying their man a Valentine’s Day gift is a difficult task.

“I find it hard because they don’t even like the holiday!” history teacher Sue Nagle said.

Selecting a romantic, useful gift does not have to be stressful any longer.

How can you get your boyfriend a creative gift from the heart? You could go with an exclusive, homemade card with a romantic idea, poem, or song. Or, you can purchase a pre-made card that already portrays your feelings towards your one and only.

Another imaginative way to express your love is special coupons. These coupons can be redeemable for whatever you are prepared to offer or what you think your loved one would like the most. These coupons can include such things as “get out of an argument free” or “you pick the movie” (but still pay because girls should never pay).

If you are feeling really loving, you can get your man a gift he will use and enjoy. Getting jewelry for your boyfriend is, without a doubt, a wonderful choice. Guys like pretty things too! There are different watches, rings, or chains that can be a unique gift for your significant other. Rolex is always a go-to option, if you are willing to foot the bill.

Chocolates are a tasty way to express your appreciation too. They can be in the shape of a heart or a flower and can certainly convey a message of “sweetness.”

You cannot go wrong with getting a man clothing. There are many love-themed articles of clothing that are fashionable as well.

“I want a pink/red button down from Old Navy,” senior Matt McCammitt said.

“A gift certificate from Cabela’s would be nice,” English teacher Marc Walter said.

Indeed, gift cards are an easy way to give your man something enjoyable. If it is from a restaurant, you can both benefit from the purchase. Some classy restaurants with gift card possibilities are Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Buca di Bepo.

Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day is a day of expressing love, some people are straight up Scrooge’\s when it comes to sharing nice gifts.

“I don’t want anything.  It’s a fabricated holiday,” science teacher Mark Coassolo said.

“I want a heater so I can melt everyone’s chocolates,” computer monitor Matt Kellet said.

Some men prefer to take a different path and make it extremely easy for their female counterparts.

 “I want my wife to feel very loved on Valentine’s Day,” German teacher Shawn Rudy said.

However, women should not expect their man to think like Herr Rudy. We sometimes want really expensive gifts, so start saving up, ladies.

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