Valentine’s Day Origins a Lovely Story

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February 14th is a day most people know as Valentine’s Day, a day devoted to love and affection.

Valentine’s Day originated in 496 AD in Rome, Italy. It was a day to honor Christian martyrs and Saint Valentine. Many martyrs of this time period were given the name Valentine by the Pope, hence the name Valentine’s day.

Today, however, the holiday is associated more with appreciating your loved ones than recognizing Saints.  
A heart, a winged Cupid, and doves are the symbols of modern Valentine’s Day. Such symbols have been around since the 19th century.

“If I had a significant other, I would take Valentine’s Day more seriously. I would give her chocolates and roses and treat her right,” Matt Herrera, a sophomore at Fleetwood Area High School, said.

Whether or not you have a significant other, Valentine’s Day should be a day in which you appreciate the people you care about most in life.

It is not known when the romantic aspect of Valentine’s Day arose, but it appears to have been fairly recent.
Nowadays, people give their significant others chocolate, red roses (because red is the color of love), and jewelry on Valentine’s Day.

Whether you follow Valentine’s Day or not, it is not an occassion that should go completely unrecognized. Modern day Valentine’s Day is certainly not like the days of old, but it still has the same concept throughout its history.

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