Paramore Moves Past Line-up Change

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As many Paramore fans know, in December of 2010 two dearly loved members of the band left.

Brothers Josh and Zac Farro left the band because of ongoing drama between the band members. Josh Farro was the lead guitarist, and Zac was the drummer. Although Paramore has not officially added new members to the band, current band member Taylor York’s brother has been helping with guitar, and a friend of the band has been helping with drums.

Since the departure of the Farro brothers, Paramore has released new songs and have been moving on without them. A lot of fans thought Paramore would not stay together or that they would completely change their sound. And although the sound of the music has changed a bit, Paramore is doing just fine without their former band members.

In a recent interview, lead singer Hayley Williams stated, “(Recent touring) made me feel like I had a sense of purpose again—even though we weren’t off tour for very long, it was a tough off-time we went through. I was feeling that renewed sense of purpose and feeling hope again.”

In December 2011, Paramore released a collection of new singles entitled “The Singles Club,” which featured four new songs: “In the Mourning,” “Monster,” “Hello Cold World,” and “Renegade.” The singles were the first songs they wrote and played without the Farros’ help.

Out of those four songs, “Monster” is the only song that really stayed true to Paramore’s original sound. “In the Mourning” had a little bit of a country twang to it; the lyrics for “Renegade” are harsher than some of their other songs; and “Hello Cold World” in every way sounds nothing like anything the band has ever released. These songs aren’t necessarily bad songs; Paramore is just growing as a band and experimenting with what they are going to do for their next album.

There has been no set date for when Paramore is going to release their new album, but lead singer Hayley Williams tweets about being in the recording studio and writing new songs frequently.

Paramore did say they would have a new album released this year, however. Paramore fans everywhere will undoubtedly be anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.

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