Injuries Abound in Fleetwood Athletics

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“I felt like my whole season was over,” senior Ryan Corazzo said.

The second you hear that bone snap, head crack–or any sound that accompanies an injury–you have that instant feeling your sports career could possibly over.

Injuries in sports are the most dreadful thing, and most of them hurt–a lot–but others are just sprains and could be better within a day or so. One minute you’re running to first base, and the next minute you’re on the ground with a broken ankle.

Senior Ryan Cortazzo knows all about that firsthand after he broke his ankle running to first base and someone was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Poor athleticism on his part,” Cortazzo said.

The worst thing about injuries is not when it happens; you have so much adrenaline pumping inside of you that you generally don’t feel it right away. A couple of hours later, however, you will most likely be feeling the effects of the injury.

In high school, there have been multiple injuries in all different sports this year. The most common havebeen concussions, with some being more serious than others. During the soccer season, two people had serious injuries. Senior Skylar Luckenbill suffered a broken shin and Dan McMullen received a serious concussion that put him in the hospital.

Whenever someone gets injured or hurt in any sport, he or she goes to the trainer. Whether it’s a simple strain, a broken leg, or some other kind of injury, the training staff deals with them all.

“The most common injury we get is probably the ankles,” athletic trainers Melissa Marks said.

The best way to treat the injury is “icing it, doing some strengthening work, taping, and modifying their practice schedule,” athletic trainer Flo explained.

Depending on the seriousness of the injury, some could last for years, maybe months, but usually a couple of weeks are all it takes for a minor injury. The average recovery time is two to four weeks.

Avoiding an injury is nearly impossible in any sport, especially in high school sports because of some kids who play with reckless abandon with no regard for anyone else’s–or even their own–safety.

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