Athletic Injuries Common but Avoidable

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Injuries are very common when it comes to sports. Anything from the pain of shin splints to the burn of blisters can occur during a sporting event or practice.

Pulled muscles are the most common injuries in the sports world. Muscle pulls occur when a player stretches a muscle too far. Swelling and bruising may occur as a side effect to such an injury. To treat and prevent muscle pulls, be sure to ice and stretch before and after physical activity.

Runner’s knee is also a problem in sports that involve a good deal of running, biking, or even walking. Runner’s knee occurs from the overuse of the knee. Swelling, pain behind the knee cap, and/or a grinding/popping sensation will occur if this injury is inflicted.

To treat or prevent runner’s knee, take time off from running, keep your knee compressed and wrapped, and rotate running surfaces. Also, try new shoes, keep hydrated, and avoid running with weights.

Although blisters may seem silly to include, they are a major injury in sports. A blister is a bubble of skin that typically hurts. These painful blemishes occur when skin rubs against something repeatedly because of loose clothing or shoes.

There isn’t really a treatment–except for putting on a Band-Aid and avoiding shoes.

Shin splints are an athlete’s worst nightmare. The pain caused by shin splints occurs in the shin area because of a sudden increase in the intensity of a workout.

Taking about a week off from exercising or cross training is the best thing to do if this occurs. Strengthening the calf muscle and changing the surface you run on and the shoes you wear can also help to prevent this annoying occurrence.

These injuries are not to be taken lightly. If a muscle pull occurs without treatment, the muscle could eventually tear, which would need at least some rehabilitation; shin splints can turn into a stress fracture; and blisters can even get infected.

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