“This Means War” a Letdown

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On 17 January, of this year metalcore band Attack Attack! released their third studio album, “This Means War.” Expectations for this album were very high for the Ohio-based band after they gained popularity and recognition from their unique sound developed on their first two albums.

However, this album has a different sound than their first two albums, “Someday Came Suddenly” and “Attack Attack!” Their previous albums helped the band develop their own sound, which included electronica influences and sections of auto-tuned vocals. “This Means War” contains neither of those. Instead, the band goes for a heavier sound while sticking to some of their original roots.

Part of the reason for this change can be attributed to the recent departure of band member Johnny Franck. Franck played rhythm guitar, and he contributed auto-tuned clean vocals up until his departure in 2010. His absence may explain the absence of auto-tune.

Lead singer Caleb Shomo now does both clean and screaming vocals.

Despite the change in sound, the album itself is not as bad as it could have been. Attack Attack! now has a heavier sound and uses more intense breakdowns on “This Means War.” These changes could also be a sign of the band trying to mature as musicians.

Some of the highlights on the album include “The Betrayal,” “The Wretched,” and “The Motivation.”

 Despite the band’s best efforts, they have lost their unique sound that put them on the map. They should have stuck with what they had instead of the dramatic change on “This Means War.” They don’t have any redeeming qualities that separates them from many other bands in the metalcore genre.

If you are new to Attack Attack! or the genre in general, this album might appeal to you. However, if you are a longtime fan of the band or prefer their previous two albums, this will probably disappoint you.

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