Boys Basketball Looks to Coming Years

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For as long as students can remember, Fleetwood Boys Basketball has been far from the top of the food chain among the Berks County Interscholastic Athletic Association. In fact, for the last two years they have not won a single division game, and they have only 6 wins in total.

“One of the problems I noticed when I would watch them over the years was that, in middle school, there were so many boys playing, and as the years went on most of them in my class quit,” senior and captain of the girls basketball team Samantha Sanders said.

Due to a late hiring before the 2010-11 season, the team was not able to train during all of th off season; the team lost by an average of about 22.5 points per game.

This year, their three wins came against Hamburg (53-42), led by Frans Estima with 16 points; Kutztown (42-34), led by Kyle Flannery with 12 points; and Pallisades (47-46), led by Frans Estima with 19 points.

Although the record remained the same as last season, most of the losses were cut in points significantly. Strides have definitely been made by this year’s team.

“We played in spurts, basically. We would have a good half, and then everything would fall apart,” sophomore Brian Schumacher said.

Each of the past two seasons have started with a win against Hamburg in their opening tournament, leaving high hopes for the rest of the season.  What the team and fans didn’t expect was that this win would be one of three the team would accumulate all year.

The closest losses the boys played were a 49-36 loss to division rivals Conrad Weiser and a 50-37 loss to another division rival, Muhlenberg.

Frans Estima led the team in scoring all year, averaging 11 points per game, followed by Kyle Flannery (4.4 ppg), Stephen Hilborn (3.8 ppg), Christian Boyer (3.4 ppg), and Sam Moran (3.3 ppg).

“We weren’t a high scoring team,” point guard Ryan Steward said.

The team made one other minor improvement by taking second in their home Christmas Tournament–winning 47-46 against Pallisades–as opposed to their last place finish the previous season.

Although the years have been rough, the JV team finished 14-6 overall and are looking to improve the program in the years to come.

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