New Driving Law Hard on New Drivers

Posted on February 24, 2012 by


Safety is a big concern with new drivers on the road.  Many laws and restrictions are already in place to enhance the safety of all drivers. There have been some changes to the law recently, and it is already affecting drivers. These laws especially affect drivers who have a permit or junior license.

Not too many changes have been made to the learner’s permit, but the changes that have been made are noticeable.

Before Act 81, drivers with a learner’s permit had to have completed 50 hours of supervised driving in order to take the road test. With the new law, drivers have to complete 65 hours of training behind the wheel with an adult. Ten of these hours have to be at night, while the remaining five hours must be completed when there is bad weather. This will, in theory, produce safer and better drivers.

Before Act 81, junior license holders were allowed to transport as many passengers as there were seatbelts in the car. Now that Act 81 has been passed, drivers with a junior license are allowed to have only one other passenger in the car unless accompanied by a legal guardian or adult.

Once the driver has his or her junior license for 6 months without a ticket or reported accident, he or she may have three passengers in the car.

Now that this law has passed, a driver can be pulled over for failure to comply with the seatbelt law. Drivers will be ticketed for this offense.

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