Matteo Named Part of East Penn All-Star Team

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“It relieved my nerves. I was so happy,” Joey Matteo said on scoring his infamous goal.

Matteo was 1 out of 4 kids (22 kids picked all together) from the Muhlenberg/Fleetwood area ice hockey team picked to play in an All-Star game that is made up of all the “Stars” out of the East Penn League vs. the all-stars from other leagues around Pennsylvania.

Much like “All-Berks” recognition for athletes in high school, players who participate in Hockey teams around Berks County get recognized by getting selected on these “All-Star” teams.

Not only do All-Star players get a chance to get scouted by colleges, scouts from the USA Hockey Association also come out to these games. This association selects 18 players and 2 goalies from all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware who get to play for TEAM Philadelphia. On top of that, another pick will be done to go to an exclusive camp where participants could once again be picked for even bigger and more rewarding opportunities.

The first game was on Sunday, 12 February, when Matteo and his teammates took on the Lehigh Valley All Stars. Matteo proved his worth when he scored the second goal of the game, with the game ending in a 5-1 win.

“Well, I’m really happy for him.  It’s a good opportunity, and you can tell he’s worked hard this season,” close friend Vinny Leiva  said. “I think he’s gonna do really well.”

“He totally deserves it! I’m so proud of him” senior John Jaramillo said.

“It feels good to make the All Star team,” Matteo said.  “And it was awesome to score the second goal of the game. The team we played was a lot worse than I thought they were gonna be, but our next game is against a team called CPIHL All Star, and they’re probably going to be better than the last team, so I’m excited.”

While Joey’s current season is wrapping up with the Muhlenberg/Fleetwood Hockey Team, Joey plans to continue his awesome season performance with the All Star team.

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