Shelton and Yearbook Club Awarded Again

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Technology education teacher Sara Shelton and her yearbook team had another great year of journalistic success in 2011.

Their yearbook, for the fourth time, was awarded second place from the Columbia Scholastic Press, second place from the National Scholastic Press, and first place and Outstanding Special Edition from the American Scholastic Press.

The Columbia Scholastic Press provides one of several ratings to student media. The critique is a teaching tool to provide detailed guidance on how well student print or online media is currently progressing and how it could improve during the following year.
The National Scholastic Press scores publications in five areas: concept and essentials; content; writing and editing; photography, art, and graphics; and layout.

The American Scholastic Press provides advice on page design, story layout, graphics, headlining, cover design, advertising placement, photography, and a variety of other useful items.

“The [yearbook] club has gotten more popular; more people than last year have joined” said Shelton.

The yearbook is a great way to remember your years in high school, so students considering purchasing a yearbook will no have no end to their Fleetwood memories.

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