Fleetwood Track and Field a Numbers Race

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Track and Field is a sport involving dedication and hard work. Many students from schools all around go out and compete to win not only as individuals but as a team.  But Fleetwood Track and Field has never exactly been at the top of the totem pole.

The problem is not the skill level of the athletes but the amount of athletes coming out to be a part of the team.

“I remember walking into a lot of meets last year and seeing the size of the other teams compared to ours. We were always the smallest wherever we went,” senior Mallory Christman said.

In the 2011 season, an exceptional amount of students went out to the track for the first couple of days of the season and never came back after that. From that point on, the remaining athletes could only do their event for themselves, seeing that most of the time the opposing teams outnumbered Fleetwood’s. As any of the 2011 team members will say, they weren’t just outnumbered by a few.

Most of the time, teams were double the size of Fleetwood’s. When it comes down to scoring, it doesn’t matter how good one athlete is in track when there aren’t enough people to back them up.

Senior Branden Green is a long distance runner and has run all four years of high school. He has more knowledge of the track team than most.

“We’re not exactly a big team,” Green said.

Sophomore Manny Tavoc is involved in his first year for Fleetwood Track.

“I like track because I feel stronger about myself mentally and physically. It doesn’t matter how many people are on the team; I can run for myself either way,” Tavoc said.

All in all, Track and Field is technically a team sport, but at Fleetwood, due to the small amount of people on the team, most of the time is spent getting the athletes better individually in hopes of starting a solid program for future years.

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