Little Girl Gone a Study in Life beneath the Surface

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What would you do if your life came down to living in a secluded house with your boyfriend, who keeps you at home and who kidnapped a pregnant teenage girl and kept her in a trailer in the backyard?

Madora was faced with this very dilemma in the book Little Girl Gone.

At a young age, her father committed suicide, and she criticized her mother every chance she was given. Then along came Willis, the mysterious boy of her dreams, who told her he would help her out of her messed up life.

Once he used his charm on her, he was able to make her do many things she wouldn’t normally do. This all turns around when a curious little boy wanders to the house in search of a dog Madora and Willis owned.

The little boy turns out to be Django, a 12-year-old orphan of a rock star father, who is living with his aunt. He is not like any of the other boys; he has a creative mind and was once very sheltered.

Living with his aunt is a big change, and it’s even harder when he sees a dog in a closed truck on a hot day. Something about that dog changes him when he is unable to properly cope with his parents’ death. When he needs strength to help through the grieving process, Django looks to Foo, a pit bull, for comfort and, once on the hunt looking for him, Django meets Madora.

As time goes on, Madora finally realizes what her life has come to: feeding, bathing, and keeping house for Linda, who was recuperating from delivery. She is no longer able to make her own decisions and is afraid of defying Willis, who says he loves her.

It is very interesting to see how we live in such a small world and how a person can be so different from someone yet have so much in common, how even two people who have been through so much can give each other the strength to carry on.

What will happen to Django and Madora? Find out in the novel, “Little Girl Gone,” by Drusilla Campbell.

This book shows that, although someone may seem very normal and happy on the outside, he or she may be facing things that give people nightmares, things he or she will have to live with until the day he or she dies. This novel shows how having a friend and some courage can go a long way when there is danger.

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