Dominos Pizza Not a Possibility for School Lunches

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Early on in the year, The Tiger Times interviewed Jefferey Woodall, food service director at Fleetwood Area School District.  Multiple questions were brought upon the Fleetwood Area High School cafeteria when a previous article questioned the possibility of getting new choices food from Domino’s Pizza.

These new healthy products are Dominos’ attempt for a more nutritious pizza, called “Smart Slice Pizza,” especially designed for school lunches.

“Domino’s would be a lot better than the pizza we have now,” sophomore Nick Braswell said as a strong supporter of the idea.

“I think getting Dominos would be a lot healthier than the food we have now.  On top of that, the school’s food tastes really bad,” senior John Jaramillo said.

The fact that it would be Domino’s Pizza would certainly appeal to many students and even faculty at Fleetwood. Others, however, really do not have a preference about what they eat.

“I don’t really eat Domino’s Pizza…” senior Amanda Stern said.

Other faculty and staff would rather have more of a variety of foods in the cafeteria.

“I’d like to see McDonald’s,” freshman Irene Licari said.

“A fresher and larger salad bar and burrito bar or taco bar,” computer room monitor Matt Kellet said.

“I would like to see a waffle station and/or an omelet station,” science teacher Mark Coassolo said.

Unfortunately, all hopes for a brighter future have been washed away. Woodall recently told The Tiger Times that, although he would be delighted to supply Fleetwood with Domino’s Pizza, there isn’t a Domino’s close enough that would deliver all the way to the school.

While all these foods would be very satisfying for lunch, ultimately it’s up to the state to decide what the students at Fleetwood receive. As of right now, teenagers might as well just enjoy the delights of the Maxi Cheessticks.

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