Project X a Party You Don’t Want to Miss

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Project X is a combination of Superbad and American Pie, both having to do with epic high school parties. Although viewers have seen this story a million times before, it still managed to impress.

The basic storyline concerns three friends who want to become big names at their high school by throwing a party that no one will ever forget. The three friends begin to spread the word of the party to everyone in the school.  Before they know it, the party is packed with over a thousand people.

The movie’s plot is basically about how a party gets out of control and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. As hard as the trio tries, bad things just keep happening, and the events end up on the news. It is hilarious to watch everything unfold as the kids try to keep things together.

Although the development of characters is not really important in this film, it is hard not to get attached to the trio; however, the hectic events that take place are far more important than any character.

If you are into a deep plot and a lot of focus on characters, this movie is not a good pick because it is only good for the fact that it’s a ridiculous and unrealistic high school party. The majority of the movie is the party’s happenings; a good half hour is shown for the planning and just a few minutes based on the aftermath.

Project X delivers exactly what it promises, an over-the-top and insane party that will keep spectators smiling the whole time. If you loved Superbad or American Pie, I highly recommend seeing this movie.

But if you are indeed looking for a rich plot driven by character development, save your money; this is a party you can skip.

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