Seniors Give Freshmen Advice on Dating in High School

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“Be smart when it comes to relationships, and don’t do drugs,” FAHS senior Vinny Leiva said.

This was one of the many tips that freshmen received in their Family Living class taught by FCS teacher Gina London.

London was assisted by volunteers to enlighten the class of 2015 during their period nine Family Living class on how to handle sticky situations pertaining to high school relationships.

The group of seniors that helped out during the Q & A consisted of Mallory Christman, Kelly Stumpf, Molly Flannery, Alyssa Delp, Devin Wenzel, Danny Lopez, Dan Milloy, Derek Evanosky, and Ryan Cortazzo.

The seniors were asked a set of questions and were expected to reflect upon past relationships to guide the freshmen in how to handle the situation.

These so-called “sticky questions” consisted of questions such as, What is a good age to start dating? What if you happen to like your best friends boyfriend or girlfriend? Is it okay to date different people at the same time? Should you go stag or always go with a date to a party?

“I wanted the freshmen to have the perspective of dating through high school from someone who has been through it. It was an introductory activity for the kids for a unit on romantic relationships. During the class, they looked a little scared to talk to seniors, but I think they enjoyed it,” London said.

The freshmen picked the questions most intriguing to them to ask the upperclassmen; the senior girls obviously had different views and opinions than the senior guys, which isn’t surprising.

After the Q & A was over, freshmen Piper Brown said, “Yeah, I enjoyed it.  I would definitely recommend this for next year’s freshmen. It was actually insightful.”

London also had one more thing to say.

“If I had one tip for the freshmen class about dating through high school, it would be to accommodate for the decisions you make and don’t say you got pushed into it because, at the end of the day, it falls on you.”

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