Kony Craze Continues

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What is Kony 2012?

Kony 2012 is a movement to find and bring down African warlord Joseph Kony, a man accused of various war crimes, including kidnapping children and raising them as soldiers. The movement was started by an organization called Invisible Children, a group that, according to their website, “uses film, creativity, and social action to end the use of child soldiers in Joseph Kony’s rebel war.”

Perhaps you have seen the video about this on YouTube. You might have seen it pop up on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Maybe you have even seen coverage on the news. Either way, most of us have heard of the movement known as Kony 2012.

The group’s message gained ground very fast when it encouraged people to post the term “Kony 2012” on popular websites such Facebook. Soon, the YouTube video explaining Invisible Children’s goals (also called Kony 2012) was up to well over 60 million hits. The video encouraged viewers to use technology and social media to help spread the word about the issue and to help those involved.

Who is the man who founded Kony 2012? That man would be Jason Russell. He is the one who is behind the extremely popular video and also Invisible Children. In the video, he describes the acts of Joseph Kony and why he should be stopped.

Despite the apparent good intentions of Kony 2012 and Invisible Children, it has not gone without criticism. There are those who are critical of the money that the organization has raised thus far, saying that they have not spent it the way they should have. There are also people who say that Joseph Kony is not even alive.

Kony 2012 has gained much ground since its inception. The video continues to gain a very large amount of views every day and has gained countless followers.

Despite criticism from some, most that have seen the video are in support of it. Either way, one cannot deny the social impact that this movement has had.

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