FASD Budget Cuts Affect All

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“I don’t want anything being cut,” FAHS Principal Michael DeAntonio said.

On 13 March, 2012, Dr. Paul Eaken spoke about the budget and what is going to be cut next school year.  After he was done, he allowed anyone who wanted to speak to do so. Students, faculty, staff, and even people from the community spoke their minds at the COTW-Board meeting to show how they really feel about the cuts that are being made next school year.

“[I’m] frustrated,” DeAntonio said. “There are some things you can’t cut because of expectations.”

The district is seeking to close an $847,000 gap in its 2012-13 budget.

With all these cuts, a lot of people in the community and school had something to say. Many inspirational speeches were expressed that night. Many focused their arguments on the fact that their own children will be affected.

Sophomore Kayln Hess was one of the few  stood out to others by talking about how the anger of the community should not be directed at the board but at the legislators.

Potentially decreasing is the high school German program, which would be decreasing to half day. This means German Teacher Shawn Rudy will be forced to teach only 4 classes instead of his usual 6.

“I understand they have to balance the budget, but all the cuts are affecting a lot of students,” Rudy said. “I don’t think it’s fair because students will have four previous years of Spanish before high school. They won’t get the opportunity for both subjects.”

After many students and community members expressed to the board how they felt, the board then told everyone that they would answer all the questions that were asked on the Fleetwood website. After the meeting came to a close, the board then went to the board room and had a routine meeting.

They are still working on fixing the budget and could possibly be making more cuts.

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