Mourning Wood to Release New Album in May

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Fleetwood Area High School is widely known for its inspiring music department. But, aside from the students who are constantly involved in band and chorus, one can witness multiple student-formed bands’ posters hung around the hallways, most of the time advertising for their next show.

Many of these groups try and make it big, but certain circumstances might prevent them from the biggest achievement: getting signed by a music label. The rise and fall of locally-formed bands isn’t anything surprising at Fleetwood. Many of those bands only get to perform around the area, at venues such as The Silo. Alas, one band has prospered.

On April 14th, Mourning Wood’s “Just Stop,” the band’s newly recorded single, debuted on ITunes.

“It’s incredible and strange at the same time. It’s not something that every band gets to do, and we’re beyond excited to have our work out there,” Mourning Wood’s guitarist Sam Moran, a current senior at FAHS, said.

Mourning Wood’s path to success wasn’t a walk in the park. Thanks to lead singer Ethan McDonnell, a freshman at Albright, the band was able to enter “Albright Idol,” a competition for local bands supported by Albright’s revived music label, Lion Records. From the pool of 40 musicians, Mourning Wood was elected the champion.

“We knew the Albright competition was a huge opportunity for us because the winner would get a deal to record an album under their label. The other competitors were just as eager, so it was definitely tough,” Moran said.

Mourning Wood has been playing locally for about a year now, making appearances at The Silo and last year’s Fleetwood carnival.

The band consists of Fleetwood alumni Ethan McDonnell, Ryan Milloy, Jaron Weeks, and current students Sam and Andrew Moran (no relation to The Tiger Times reporter). Fleetwoodians might have been able to catch these guys at the Art Event held last month, where they performed for about an hour long with other musical talents. Fortunately, much has changed for the better since then.

“We’ve been talking about summer plans a lot as a band, and we’re still not completely decided. Ideas have ranged from working on new material to playing at venues throughout the coastline to simply spending time at Burger King trying to figure out what to do,” Moran said.

Despite not exactly knowing what lies ahead, checking out Mourning Wood wouldn’t be a bad idea for alternative music fans. In case $.99 cents for the single is way too expensive, the band’s EP is a great listen and easily attainable from one of the band members.

“The release date of the album isn’t set in stone. We’re hoping for a May release, but we’re still in the process of mixing the album,” Moran said.

“The Racket” will be the band’s first official album, with all songs originally written by the band.

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