Manchester City Ends 44-Year Title Drought

Posted on May 30, 2012 by


Not this time, United.

Manchester City won the English Premier League Title for the first time in 44 years; the last time was in ’68.

Their comeback against Queens Park Rangers was surely one the City fans will remember and cherish. The ending result was 3-2, with Sergio Aguero scoring late in stoppage time, just in time when all seemed lost for the title chance.

The winning goal by Aguero, two minutes after Edin Dzeko made it 2-2, snatched the trophy for Manchester City from the defending champs Manchester United on goal difference. It’s only rational that this year’s crazy season ended in the most dramatic way possible, with United and City swapping places on the standings all season long.

“I never stopped believing,” Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany stated. “When Edin scored that goal, it reminded me of so many other moments during the season when we’ve done this before. There was no reason not to believe.”

This stayed true throughout the season, as City saw itself down at times during multiple games but eventually persevering and pulling through until the end.

United has recently stated that Manchester City claiming the title this year could propel them forward, and it could potentially turn into a City dominated era, with multiple rumors circulating over City spending a lot over the summer to ramp up their already expensive squad.

“I felt like City was the Boston Red sox of the Premier League this season,” FAHS media teacher Sean Gaston said.

“It was really important to start winning this championship. Manchester City can have a big future now,” s City Manager Mancini said.

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