Mourar and Milloy Look to Find Success

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Among the ranks of students who walk the halls of Fleetwood Area High School each day are many individuals with exceptional musical ability. In fact, the school has long been home to an ever-flourishing music program, full of talented young people eager to make their voices heard, as well as those who prefer to let their instruments do the talking.

Some students have gone to even greater lengths to test their musical genius, collaborating not to execute pieces of old but to fabricate their own music with the intent of performing and eventually recording the fruits of their labor.
These individuals must possess more than just musical ability – they must be confident and bold, willing to put their work out for any pair of ears that chooses to listen.

“The most difficult part is getting everything perfect for a recording. Once that is done, it is somewhat nerve-wracking releasing your work for everyone to hear. You hope that people will like it, but you’re never quite sure,” senior Sam Moran, a member of local band Mourning Wood, said.

Additionally, it is imperative that these artists possess the ability to gracefully accept criticism, a trait that is imperative for any young person who hopes to dive into the music industry.

FAHS seniors Dan Milloy and Zach Mourar are looking to do just that. What started as little more than a joke between two friends has become reality, and the duo is now in the process of recording their own rap album, entitled Debbii, which is tentatively set for release in June of 2012.

“Mourar and I were talking at overtime, and I told him that we should make a mixtape, and he agreed. People didn’t take it seriously initially, but as time progressed, it became an actuality,” Milloy said.

Under the artist name “Troop 103,” the pair hopes to produce an album rich in creative beats and clever wordplay while also providing a style of music to which many students will be able relate.

“We’re just hoping to put out an album that people see as intelligent and fun. We steered clear of using any profanity or derogatory terms in hopes that the album will be widely accepted and appealing to the masses,” said Mourar.

Though Milloy and Mourar will surely be putting the utmost effort into the production of their debut album, they do acknowledge that the end product may not be appealing to all. No matter what results their efforts may yield, Debbii is more about enjoyment for its makers than it is about perception.

“We want people to enjoy it, but they need to understand that we’re not recording in a million-dollar studio, so you can’t expect million-dollar sound. We made the album for fun, and we’re just hoping that people enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it,” the duo said.

Even as its release date draws closer, there is no way of knowing exactly what the culmination of the tandem’s efforts will sound like. For those interested, a sampling of their work in the form of their first single “Fly-By Style” is available on Facebook and Twitter. When the release date does roll around, however, students are encouraged check out the full album on BandCamp or pick up a hard copy of their own.

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