Used’s Vulnerable Is Impervious to Critique

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After over 11 years and three albums, The Used has managed to maintain a core group of original members, only ever replacing a drummer once. After leaving Reprise Records, Quinn Allman (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Jeph Howard (Bass Guitar), Bert McCracken (Lead Vocals), and Dan Whitesides (Drums) formed Anger Music Group, their own label to record their own album.

That album is this year’s very own Vulnerable. Released on 26 March, Vulnerable is quickly becoming a fan favorite, with tracks such as “I Come Alive” and “Hands and Faces” providing a more dubstep, bass feel for their music than in previous albums, and songs such as “This Fire,” which incorporates an actual violin and cello player who came to studio to record along with a keyboardist. Some fans criticize the experimentation on this album; others embrace it as a welcome change that only strengthens the music.

Aside from these differences in sound, the musicianship doesn’t change from album to album; however, this album is more well put together than In Love and Death (2004), their more or less drop-of-the-ball second record. Bert McCracken still has one of the most distinctive and unique voices in modern rock. He still screams–however not nearly as much as the old albums, which will please some. This album provides any musical enthusiast or long-term Used fan with a good median to what The Used did in previous records.

The album’s progression as a whole piece is spectacular. From catchy and heavy to almost ballad-like, the album just seems to flow.

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