Vans Warped Tour Coming to Scranton, Camden

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For most teens, the coming of June represents the arrival of a summer long awaited. Many look forward to family vacations, good times with friends, or simply enjoying the stress-free environment that summer is known to bring.

For others, however, the turning of the calendar to June signifies the drawing closer of a grand festival known as Vans Warped Tour.
Held annually, Warped Tour is a touring musical festival that features a variety of acts and visits an abundance of locations throughout the country. Though traditionally known for featuring mostly punk rock, post-harcore, pop punk, and metalcore bands, the event also boasts the talents of numerous hip-hop, rap, reggae, and alternative artists.

In order to accommodate its nearly 100 acts, the festival commonly known as “Warped” utilizes large venues that often hold up to ten stages, including two main stages where the headlining bands play.

Warped Tour 2012, the eighteenth annual installment, began on 16 June in Salt Lake City, Utah, and will conclude on 5 August in Portland, Oregon. The 42 shows will feature popular acts including For Today, Yellowcard, and Rise Against, as well as countless small-name artists who often surprise many and sometimes gain a new following.

“I usually don’t listen to bands I know absolutely nothing about, but I like watching bands that I don’t listen to very often in the hopes of finding a new album to buy,” senior Steve Durofchalk said.

Many people are beginning to finalize their plans for Warped, whether it is sorting out transportation or simply buying tickets. Students at Fleetwood Area High School are no exception; much talk about the event can be heard in the hallways, and excitement for the wide variety of acts seems to be building.

“I’m really excited for Warped. I want to survive a full day of hard moshing, great music, and borderline dehydration. I’m excited to listen to some different bands like The Ghost Inside, while still enjoying well-known bands like For Today,” senior Pat Schukraft, a first-time Warped Tour attendee, said.

Though Warped Tour may seem like a brilliant idea for all who fancy a chance to hear a plethora of musical acts, one should consider the circumstances before going all-in. Between brutal summer temperatures and packed standing space, the environment at Warped is often an uncomfortable one. Additionally, the crowds at the festival tend to be very active, so one should know his or her limits and always remember that the mosh pit is not for everybody – especially those who cannot deal with some bumps and bruises.

“The [mosh] pits at Warped get pretty rough sometimes, so you’ve got to keep your head on a swivel. You’ll wake up the next day feeling like you got hit by a truck – but in a good way,” FAHS senior and warped tour veteran Conor Donohoe said.

For those still in the deciding stages for Warped Tour, a few dates to remember are 18 July and 20 July, the dates for the Scranton and Camden shows, respectively. Tickets for all shows can be purchased at

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