Colleges May Not Want Everything You Think

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Applying to college may seem frightening and intimidating, but do not fear! The biggest piece of advice to follow would be to start early!

Yes, juniors, that means you!

According to, at this moment you should be making a list of colleges that you might like to attend.  But how do you choose a college?

First, do not rule out any college based on price. Guidance Counselor Amy Moyer says that the actual tuition might be reasonable after scholarships and financial aid factor into the cost.

There are always opportunities for scholarships, and they are everywhere. If you cannot find scholarship opportunities, try looking in the guidance office or online.

 Second, do not rule out a college because you do not think you will be accepted. You do not always have to be a straight A student. Colleges also like the B-average students who work hard, according to Michael Morella of

Overall, you should pick a school that you will feel comfortable attending and that will help you do your best in life.

After you make a list of schools you might like to attend, go visit! You may think you will love a college, but when you visit it, you might hate it.

Try to visit the top three colleges you want to attend. Then, you can start the application process.

“The hardest part of the application process is the essay,” student Piper O’Keefe said.

According to Unigo on, the best thing to do when writing a college essay is to be yourself and write about what you know. 

You also shouldn’t rely only on spell check, and do not make your essay too long because college admissions counselors are busy.  If you do make your essay too long, they might put off looking at your essay.

For all you seniors out there who have not started the application process, do not stress too much. Moyer recommends you look on the college websites for deadlines and fill out applications even if you have not visited that college yet.

The most important advice is to tackle the application process early. Do not procrastinate; this will affect your future.

“Beat the deadlines; don’t just meet them,” Moyer said.

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