Turbulent Chicago Teacher Strike Ends

Posted on October 11, 2012 by


In the beginning of September, teachers in the Chicago teacher’s union went on strike, delaying the start of the school year in the city for weeks. The issue has since been resolved, but the impact of the strike is having a lasting effect.

Some of the main reasons the teachers of Chicago went on strike were because of teacher pay, the ability to hire and fire workers, and teacher accountability based on student performance.  All public schools in the city remained closed until the issues at hand were resolved.

The strikes gained national attention. They represented an ongoing struggle with union leaders and the educational system. The Chicago strikes were a testament of the teacher’s wills to fight back for public education in their city, gaining the attention of parents, students, and teachers everywhere.

In the end, the striking teachers’ union ended up getting what it wanted after negotiating with Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel.

In the agreement, teacher evaluations are now going to be based on standardized tests instead of math, English, and science grades. This was a significant victory for the teacher’s union, as students in Chicago had very low grade-point averages.

Now that the strikes are over, the Chicago schools have reopened and students have returned to their classes. The Chicago teacher’s union strikes show Americans everyone that teachers did not have to accept unfit conditions set by their cities. This event also demonstrates that working class Americans could rally for a good cause and win.

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