Party City is the Place to be This Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner, and people are going crazy for costumes.

Party City is one of the biggest stores around for costumes and party supplies. Hundreds of people walk in and out of that store every day.

“We are going to have a better income this year because we have such a wide variety of product, and we are also running many more commercials,” head manager Rachel Button said.

Though most employees said they dislike the long hours of clean up, they do enjoy it because it is during a great holiday of fun, candy, and great costumes.

There are tons of different choices in costumes to choose from, but the most common boys’ costumes are superheroes, and the girls’ most common costumes are Disney princesses and Monster High.

Not only does Party City have a wide selection of costumes in-store, it has an even larger online selection as well. During the Halloween season, Party City has shipments coming in all the time, but they tend to have to reorder costumes. Of course, being the big party store they are, there is always a rush of people.

“The rush for costumes lasts from about the beginning of September until the actual day of Halloween,” Button said.

Some teachers at Fleetwood still dress up for Halloween. High school teachers Todd Driesbach and Adam Trite only dress up for Halloween if they have a Halloween party to attend.

“If I am going to attend a Halloween party, I will make my own costume, but I do believe Party City has a good selection of costumes,” Trite said.

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